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Societe Generale / SGB FINANCE is one of the largest maritime finance companies on the market.
SGB FINANCE has been the financial partner of the BENETEAU group for more than 20 years. Together with more than 250 dealers of the Bénéteau Group, we do everything possible to make your dream come true.
As part of the Beneteau Group, SGB FINANCE has an unrivaled level of experience in nautical financing that allows us to offer you attractive and affordable financing options that are tailored to your circumstances and the selected vessel. The purchasing project with KAT Marina offers you the peace of mind to deal with a prestigious financial company, and enjoy Nautical Leasing.



Yacht Charter Management



One of the benefits of the boat ownership is the significant incomes the yacht should generate through a successful charter marketing service.
Successful boat charter marketing is a complex operation and requires an experienced and well-connected agent.
The KAT Marina Charter marketing service has the knowledge, experience and resources to make your boat stand out from the market, allowing you to relax and reap the financial benefits.
With a dedicated dedication to each vessel, KAT Marina operates as a vital link between the retail charter operators, the yacht owner, and the yacht captain, ensuring the successful management of each vessel’s operations.
KAT Marina has direct access to a network of industry-leading charter agents, maximizing your vessel’s business potential.

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Yacht Charter Management - Catamaran
Yacht wintering & concierge service


Wintering & Concierge Service


A concierge service for boat owners in Marina Salinas de Torrevieja.

Some of our care services include boat cleaning, refueling, periodic checks. Our care services can be provided on a one-time basis or as part of a recurring care package.

For more information on how we can help you, contact the team on +34 965 711 274 or send an email to


Berthing Solutions


When deciding to buy a boat, the next consideration is usually where you choose to keep it. This decision will be based on many factors including: convenience, facilities, service, distance from home, accessibility, distance to your preferred cruise location, and of course … prices.

KAT Marina has a good relationship with most marina operators and is in a good position to advise, help secure a mooring at your preferred marina location. Contact the KAT Marina team and we will help you explore your berthing options.

Yacht sales management Service


Yacht Sales Management



We provide our clients with a personalized service.

  • A wide geographic exposure and international marketing
  • Market study and estimation of the value of the boat to establish a sale price.
  • Possibility to put the boat on permanent exhibition area at KAT Marina
  • Mobility and coverage to attend the visits of the vessels

We use international sales portals which ensure to get the necessary coverage for the sale of your boat.
Confidence and experience are our key attributes. We ensure that our code of professional practice is adequate for your full protection and reflects our many years of experience in the Yacht Brokerage market.


Yacht Sales Management



Appointing a Central Agent to handle all aspects of the sale of your vessel, in our experience it is, for certain vessels, an exclusive marketing service with the best approach for managing the sale of your vessel.
The main benefit of this approach is that it ensures a large marketability of your boat, with a control of the way it is run.

Throughout the entire process, we conduct extensive international marketing and as a central agent we provide all the details of your vessel to a global network of internationally strategic partners to promote your yacht to the right target audience.

All inquiries, requests for information and offers are channeled through KAT Marina.

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Entrust to KAT Marina the sale of your boat.


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