Teak decking & Yacht refits

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Teak decking & Yacht refits

KAT Marina is pleased to present its collaboration with AMC Furnishings S.r.l.s, an Italian Company specialized in the production of high-quality teak furniture and blanket for yachts and super yachts.

Teak decking & Yacht refits Service

Aiming of guaranteeing comfort and personality to its creation, a qualified personnel and the use of machinery CNC machines, alow the creation of perfectly finished furnitures as designed.

Thanks to a select team specialized in carpentry work and furniture assembly, as well as experts craftsmen in the realization of Teak decks, thus the technical sales-office, who is going to take care of your project.

The company

AMC Furnishings S.r.l.s company stands out in the field of furnishings for pleasure boats and luxury yachts thanks to its creative, productive and organizational skills. The mission is to offer excellent and exclusive services, basing the commitment on consolidated partnerships between entrepreneurs and qualified carpenters with proven experience in the pleasure boat manufacturing industry.

Know-how & References

The company can count on exclusive know-how skills, characterized by precision, execution speed and flexibility in each working phase. They have selected in the last 20 years highly specialized teams in craftsmanship, furniture assembly and teak decking. Some collaborations: ALFA MARINE, FRANCHINI YACHT, AICON, BAGLIETTO, MAORI YACHT, and more.

Our Services

Teak decking  |   Yacht Refits

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Furniture production

Teak decking & Yacht refits


The company have selected in the last 20 years highly specialized teams in craftsmanship, furniture assembly and teak decking, standing out in the field of furnishings for boats and luxury yachts


An exclusive know-how skills and the experience allow to offer a wood carpentery and furnitures design for your indoor and outdoor projects.

The Teak

Types of teak wood

Teak is a tree with a thick, straight, cylindrical trunk, growing up to 30-40 metres in height and up to 1.5 metres in diameter.

There are three Teak species

– (Common Teak) Tectona grandis  which is by far the most important, with a deep distribution in India and Indochina.

– (Dahat Teak) Tectona hamiltoniana which is a native species of Burma.

– (Philippine Teak) Tectona philippinensis  which is native to the Philippines.

This type of wood is used in the construction of outdoor artefacts often of great value, ship decks, musical instruments such as the didgeridoo and in all places where strong water resistance is required.

Many operators consider this wood species to be the best in the world. Teak wood is easy to work and has an oil naturally produced by the plant. Its main characteristics can be summarized as follows: significant hardness, constant dimensional stability, water resistance and beauty.

Teak Decking

Unfortunately, even the best solid teak deck is subject to deterioration over time. Continuous exposure to weather, temperature changes, salt, wear and tear from use, and the maintenance of the deck itself, requires it to be replaced.
If you are considering the need to renew the deck of your boat, all you have to do is choose between the three types of quality, that best suit your needs.

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Teak tree

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Teak decking
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Teak decking & yacht refits
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