A boat without Yacht Toys and Water Sports equipments is like a party without friends!
You will find with KAT Marina the latest and the best Yacht Toys and Water Sports equipments of the market essential to have on board your boat


Electric surfboards, autonomy with remarkable power, speed and stability, up to 50 km/h. LAMPUGA produces top quality electric surfboards, combining innovative design and cutting edge technology that offer fun experiences. The boards are easy to use, emission free, and built to the highest safety standards.


Create additional space aft of your boat, protect your boat against shocks. Embark on this new exclusive collection! Infinity Island is a modular concept with which you can extend your boat to infinity with platform and swimming pool. Ideal for doing yoga, sunbathing, riding jet skis, paddle boarding, or creating a play space for the youngest.

Floating platform extension and swimming pool for boats - USHIP Alicante - Tienda Náutica copia
Floating Mat - Marine Expo marine shop - USHIP Alicante


Model OASIS. A water mat is guaranteed fun for the whole family, walk, play, rest or go crazy. Three layers of foam (firm / soft) this new product is offered in various sizes. The JOBE water mat comes with 4 anchor points for tie down options.


Compact and lightweight Set for scuba diving of up to 20 minutes. It’s an adjustable harness with integrated ballast, 2 liter / 230 bar bottle, regulator, pressure gauge, mask and tube.

Scuba Diving set for Boats - Water Sport Equipment
SeaBob - Jeanneau Yacht Toy - Water Sport Equipments


You will experience with the SEABOB an absolute space without limits and authentic sensations of freedom. Pilot!  Swim!  Dive! Fly!. The combination of piloting and diving, the SEABOB will take you powerfully through the water. The specially developed high-performance electric drive mechanism with its eco-friendly technology is an exemplary innovation.


Easy-to-use underwater electric scooter for all members of the family. Excellent maneuverability and ergonomics. SUBLUE is the ideal companion on the boat for your snorkeling excursions, diving, etc.

Sublue Underwater Scooter - Yacht Toys - Water Sport equipments
The best foldable electric bicycle - GOCYLE - Marine Expo Shop - USHIP Alicante


The best electric bike on the market. Fun and powerful electric bike. It is light, foldable, it can be taken anywhere. Clean, wear-free and easy to live with. GOCYCLE offers fun and long-term health benefits

Paddle Board Rack for boats 

Store your board securely on the sides of your boat with the board rack attachment system. Heavy-duty cables hold your boards in place, while soft EVA foam protects the sides of your boards. This paddle board holder is useful for any type of boat with a straight railing. The clamps of this board holder adapt to any height and diameter of the railing.

Wing Foil -Water Sports Equipments


Wing Foil is one of the latest board sports. Wing Foil is the “Quintessence” of all board sports: a mix of kitesurfing, foiling surfing, windsurfing and paddle surfing. The combination of each of these activities has created a new sport: Wing Foiling.


This very stable inflatable Stand Up Paddle becomes a beginner windsurf when the wind picks up. Board L.320 x l. 81 x th. 15 cm, volume 270 l, weight 10.7 kg, capacity 145 kg, 2 removable fins (including a central one). 3m saber sail. with maneuvering handles, mast and mast foot. Supplied as a complete package with telescopic paddle, HP inflator and backpack.

WindSurf paddle Zray - Marine supply shop - USHIP Alicante


A versatile board perfect for the adventure on the water, the Paddleboard is packed with great features. The package includes everything you need to start your trip. You can take your adventure anywhere!


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