Teak decking & Yacht refits

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Teak decking & Yacht refits


Marine Woodworks

KAT Marina is pleased to present its collaboration with AMC Furnishings S.r.l.s, an Italian Company specialized in the production of high-quality teak furniture and teak decking for yachts and super yachts.

Teak Decking & Yacht Refits Service

Aiming of guaranteeing comfort and personality to its creation, a qualified personnel and the use of machinery CNC machines, alow the creation of perfectly finished furnitures as designed.

Thanks to a select team specialized in carpentry work and furniture assembly, as well as experts craftsmen in the realization of Teak decks, thus the technical sales-office, who is going to take care of your project.

Beautifull Marine Teack Deacking,

Teack Tables, Interior Flooring & Furnishing for Yachts, Modern Refits.

Teak Decking

Teack Decking

Your beautiful teak deck is showing signs of wear. To scrub, oil, sand, or not? These questions haunt all yacht owners who opted to invest in the durability and beauty of natural teak. But while you or your crew have done all you can, it’s time to call on professionals who can repair or replace the teak and bring it back your vessel to its former luster. 

The tell-tale signs of wearing teak can include delamination or voids under the deck, cracked battens where the teak meets vertical surfaces, caulking shrinkage, oil spots, water infiltration, thinning of the surface, or just “tired” looking wood.


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